A Simpli Splendiferous Adversaria

October 21, 2006

Oh What a Wicked Web the WEB Weaves!

 Cross-posted from 360.yahoo.com/elllajC -Entry for July 23, 2006

The more I look around, listen, and pay attention to my surroundings and the going ons among it, the more I understand. I understand that men and women are different. As a female, we tend to need just one man to fulfill us. Longing for the one. Craving deep down in our bellies for him, the master of our fantasies and everything we imagine.

A man needs more. It takes much more to fulfill him. He has deeper needs that generally one female will never fulfill. So I watch the interaction of the men and women. The master’s and the sluts. The free men and free women and how they mingle together. I see free women as they attempt over and over to get the attention of a man who stirs her to the point of seeking approval or correction, as long as the attention comes. I see a free woman, from time to time, with heat in their flesh to serve, subservient nature, yet conduct themselves becoming of a free woman. Those free females truly deserve to be recognized for their efforts in retaining their true being and nature while also demonstrating the character of how the uncollared, unowned woman should act.

I watch as some females seek to be at the center of attention, taking away from the female, who may have had the privilage of receiving it, otherwise. Yes, I used the word, privilage, afterall, a man owes the slave nothing. If she did receive his praise or attention, it certainly would be a privilage and not something due her in any sense of the way.

Now back to the men who need more. I am not at all implying that these men are out to fuck each girl he comes into contact with beyond a greet. Not at all, though, I do believe a man who has more than one girl to which he’s close to, has them because each one offers him something unique, a fulfillent that cannot be reached with just one. Why? Because hardly no one woman will ever possess each and every quality that attracts him. Who is the perfect women or slave girl in a man’s fantasies? I can almost imagine. I’d love to say.. oh yeah, I know exactly the kind of wench he dreams of, but well…  I’d hate to be called a liar, or nipped at and confronted with the disapproved assumption that I have no idea how a man thinks, so…  ~smiles.. We won’t go there. ~Sshh

The man, the man, the man…   the master! Hm..   The female…  slave, companion, or significant other to one offline. Lets go on a little ride.. it goes like this.. A man, online frequently, but has a female in the home, offline. A female, online, but has a man or master in the home, offline.  ~lifts fingers to twine a lock of loose spiral around her finger and tugs.

mm, well…   Someone somewhere in either scenario is hurting or pissed off, whether they reveal it or not. Or maybe the person offline has not even a clue of what the other does online. Yep, might even be someones dirty little secret. Yet too, through all the dishonesty, there does actually exist honesty between partners. Why would a man spend hours online with girls, if he had one offline already? Because he’s hungry to have in his presence those slaves who feed him? Nibbles or portions of friendships? Alright since most of us are on the gorean path, perhaps friendship is not a good word, but you know what I mean. Why would a slut spend hours online with other men, when she has one at home? Because she’s hungry to be in the presence of all men who feed her fire? I better not use the word friendship again, I might get my ass beat! Or worse..  called or considered to be un-gorean. Then again, all anyone is ever going to get from me- is me, no matter where I happen to be. And um.. it will never be beneath the fictional Gorean skies.


What in the world would possess a slut to spend countless hours online, when she lives in a commited, devoted, loyal, submissive, passive, sincere, caring, loving, sensual marriage offline, even if it does have it’s ups and downs?

Passion! A complete totality of passion and utter servitude to be all that she is, where ever she is. Makes sense to me. But then again, it would! It’s probably beyond anyone elses wildest or even dullest imaginations.

I see couples online and watch their interactions with one another and others, together, and in eachothers absense.  Does contentment and security exist with it or insecurity and dis-contentment? It hurts to hurt. Pain doesn’t have to be visible, it can exist in many forms from a visible physical scar to an invisible incurable disease and mostly no one will ever see either type because if you look or are seemingly fine, then guess what? You are! Doesn’t everyone have worth? Uh oh, maybe I shouldn’t go there either because a female cannot boast worth. Can she? I know the answer..  and am aware that that worth is dependent on the man himself.

Oh God– what a wicked web the WEB weaves!

Someone will always be hurt, angry, insecure, and lonely. Someone else will always be happy, bouncy, secure, and flourish. Does it matter?



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