A Simpli Splendiferous Adversaria

About: Simpli Splendiferous Adversaria

…A Simpli Splendiferous Adversaria


“I could just dance forever and ever…  And submit to every ounce of surging pain that wrapped it’s arms around me”.  © 2006 twinklev


 A Salacious Mixture of Gorean Inspiration, Poetic Passion, Medical Research, Health News, Chronic Pain and Support, Personal Essays with a twist of thought provoking stimuli that will either make you want to spank her ass or… praise her public service  effort as an alternative voice and independent opinion in the mix and mingle of the World Wide Web

However weak our hearts may be, we are not that weak we cannot stand the pain, and, however strong we may be, we are not so strong that pain can’t touch us!


Slave-wife Property of Clamperius (EKV).


Administrator to:   www.RSDAdvisory.com  www.GoreanAxiom.com  www.La-Pagar-Kajira.com www.SalaciousSurrender.com  www.Golden-Rainbow-Creations.com  www.WiddersWeb.com  www.RSDAdvisor.com http://360.yahoo.com/elllajC  www.MySpace.com/twinklev  www.Groups.MySpace.com/GoreanAxiom http://360.yahoo.com/kajira_ellaj http://360.yahoo.com/la_pagar_kajira


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