A Simpli Splendiferous Adversaria

October 21, 2006

La Pagar Kajira by twinklev/ellaj

La Pagar Kajira

by twinklev/ellaj

Without forced, mislead intentions
Entrusting was his heart
Nothing ventured, nothing gained
Unless sincerity tore it apart


Bridges burned, abandoned
Embracing a future anew
Stepping over piles of rubble
Took on another view


Finding contentment and solace
That some had torn away
Strength, support and conviction
Tamed sorrow for another new day


He knew passion and fear existed
Beneath the pains she hid so well
The afflictions inside, she expressed it
but really who could tell


He could lead her toward survival
She could serve with fire or ice
Submit to another tomorrow
Make the best of a challenging life


Grow with determined ambitions
Retaining a slaves pride and grace
Surrendering into his will
That ashes have come to replace


Obedient, imbonded, subservient,
woman, a mans truest treasure
A pleasing, passionate, firey slut

For his heavenly erotic pleasure


Maybe in his chains and at his mercy
Perhaps once, a preconceived idea
Still nothing but a Gorean pleasure slave


La pagar kajira

©2006 twinklev/ellaj   
    Unauthorized duplication and distribution is prohibited.  
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Dance of Seduction by twinklev/ellaj/caliente

Dance of Seduction by twinklev/ellaj/caliente

The girl moves back from the master, pushing back on hands to stand to dainty feet. The beat of her heart skipping, the flutters in her belly rising, long auriferous tendrils wild spirals raining down lightly bronzed shoulders. Long fingers begin to trail along her tummy, lightly, teasingly, her head tilts to the side, the ends of blonde curls grazing budding adorned nipples, she breathes in slow, yet steadily, she yearns for his touch, his voice commanding her will, her palms cupping aching full breasts as they rise and fall, curvaceous hips begin to undulate seductively, fingers brush through her hair as her arms reach to rise high above her head, crossing at the wrists, as if to be bound by binding fiber. 

Dark eyes lift towards the sky, her knees weak and bending slightly, she turns away from him, but within his grasp, her ass, the curves of her back, spine, naked, in his sight, belly rolling, the drums in the back ground, her body snaps to the beat, the kaska, soft, she gasps out, arms drop suddenly as she bends forward, fingers between her legs, her inner thighs, the bareness of her skin, her ass swirls in slow entincing circles before him, she stands, spirals wild now,

she turns to changing tempos, her nakedness serving the air, as if becoming one with it, surrendering, she closes her eyes, oh god she murmers beneath her breath, girl needs him, she’s going to have him, thoughts flying, she must please him, make him want her, she lets out a soft whimper as her lower body rides the invisible waves as if making love to it, heat flowing, passion rising, fire tingling ,embers, volcanic eruptions of rapid heart beat, skipping, quickening, she hears the sound of her own voice as she moans.

Luring, cocoa colored orbs revealing the secrets of her intimate soul rise, she does not dare meet his eyes, lowering deep brown occulars, her neck rolls from left to right, hands again finding the lushness of her chest, baby fingers dipping into the silverish captive beaded loops, she tugs, oh!

Her feet pivot onto the ground, her toes rising and falling, the balls of her feet spinning her as she turns to her side, her left hand resting on a single cheek of rounded ass, her right pressed lightly to her slave belly, Light mohagany skin glistening as the dim light of the tharlarion oil lamps flicker about. Lusciously jeweled mounds thrust forward, as her spine arches before him, her hands reaching out as if to grab him to her, begging and pleading, a braceleted wrist rises to trace deliciously puckered lips, grazing them, her mouth quivers, a sultry gaze lifts, he can read her soul, dark chocolately orbs burning with desire, bright, twinkling, ebony lashes flutter lightly, a salaciously glossed pout of pink curl into a shining smile, radiant, alive, as she dances, giving her everything, showing him everything, sluttishly nude freshness twirls her need for him as he watches with intent interest. Chain dangling low on her hips, accenting her curves.

The flutes, mm, she becomes lost, her body snakes, slow, ravishing, tu-toned locks of blonde and dark brown layer and bounce about her flushing cheeks, arms wrapping around her tense tummy, succulent lips purse, as an almost silent helpless whine slips from her vocal chords, parting involuntarily as if to submit to his own hard mouth against hers, she trembles, skin clammy with heat, moist pink tongue gliding along ripe full lips. Loose ringlets flirt raining to the small of her back as her head rocks backwards, exposing her collared neck, locked, symbolic of her ownership. Slave bells melodious playing in shaking clings together like a tambourine affixed to her left ankle, bina’s encircled together with hemps hugging her close reminders of her slavery, and the beauty of ownership, being owned completely, all of her, all that she is, all that she was, all that she will be.

Gifted pieces, earned, begged for, hers, until the master chooses otherwise. Her will embraced, mind rushing, she cries out starved for his affections. Hands up and down her sides, her own touch, tingling, invisioning his, rapture. The nearly whispered word, master echoes from unsteady voice, her breath sporadic, eyes close, as she tries to get hold of herself, she can’t, she wants him, arms extending forward palms raised facing the heavens, in total submission, fingers twirling in, towards her own body, but also challenging him to her, she whines inside her head, her hands soliciting an urgency, drawing, provoking, suggestive, propositioning, un-deniable supplication, nearly silent pleas bespeaking, a please, come here! Inner torment begins to fill her.

Round mounds, firm, yet jiggling softly, sweet candy to his eyes. The light upon her skin revealing flawless, exquisite flesh, rounded hips undulating with a quickness to the pounding kaska, noting the faint plucking of the kalika from time to time, her forefinger of the left lifts poking between her lips almost forcibly, submitting to the digit, a soft hungry suck, as her lips wrap firmly around it, arm drops another whimper escapes, hips grinding in harmony, emotions rise like a wild fire, speading, hot, continuing, soaring, heavy searing roaring winds carrying a fierce firey prurient concupiscent aroused beast towards freedom, total freedom in slavery.

oh god, the beast cries out, as she falls to his feet, her knees weak, her thighs tight. Between them moist, dewy flavors of slut need apparent, the melody slows, her cheek brushes against his right ankle, higher, breathing in deeply his scent, begging silently with the sign language of a girl luring the master to use her, abuse her, take her for his pleasure, the pleasures of others, she lays lingering kisses to his foot, calf, ahh, she moans, she doesn’t raise her lips above his knee, her head drops to the top of his foot, as the rapid racing heart begins to return to normal, though the fire intense growing, growing, her own slave scent in the midst now, she moans into his ankle in waiting.

~La pagar kajira
© 2006 twinklev  Unauthorized duplication is prohibited. May be used by permission and with viewable credit to author.

She has also written under the more common psudonym’s ellaj, ellajC, caliente, salacious surrender, and simpli salacious slut.

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