A Simpli Splendiferous Adversaria

Gorean Theorem

Gorean Theorem
By ella J (Formerly ella GC)
In the old days it was natural for a man to provide and lead and for a woman to care for the home, the children and his needs. She was to be pleasing in all that she was. A woman in biblical times was to submit to her husband. She vowed a promise to *obey him. This vow alone forces one to be sub-servient even if one wishes not to be. He owns her. In order for a person to obey absolutely and without question they must be the property of another even if they do not consider themselves to be so. Defiance brought punishment. Only in later years of more recent did this begin to disolve, and *cherish came to replace it. A Gorean lifestyle and Society would then fit into this natural process of living. In the natural order men are dominant and woman are submissive. Gorean belief is that men, over millions of years of evolution, have been selected for dominance, and women for submission. Anything else, even if it is a societal norm (as in Western cultures on Earth) is a perversion of nature and a lie. Since Goreans abhor dishonesty, they react very harshly to men who do not seek to exercise their dominance, or at least avoid outright submission. It cannot be overemphasized that a man who voluntarily consented to being enslaved of his own free will would be utterly repugnant to Goreans, free and slave, male and female alike, and although a woman might own a male slave, she would mock and revile him, being disgusted by his nature.

Dr. Lange as John Norman wrote about a counter earth that included a portion of these ideals from our world, our earth, the dirt that we walk on as human people. This belief having already existed in our nation, not a counter world to earth. These old days have added truth to the idea that men and woman have a natural process to one another, not necessarily a natural order, as some woman are infact stronger and more dominant than men. In this scenario, it would seem fair to say that this would be the natural order for these people. The debates on this subject become long and overwhelming with many becoming offended, angry or hurt, but it too is open for discussion. Let us not forget that on the fictitious planet called Gor, a male was Master by birthright, he possessed this status immediately. To have become enslaved as a male was very degrading. The idea of feminine men and masculine woman continues to be controversial but an example that the gorean idioms leave very little to discuss in the debate of whether or not a slave male (a man serving a woman as slave, submissive or bottom) has a place in gorean society.

Our future as a people depends on men being men and woman being either at the feet of men (as a slave) or at their side (as a free companion) Free women do have a place in Gor on Earth (Real life Gorean Society in America and beyond) They can weild great power. If this was book Gor, a free woman would be free and remain free only because the men allowed it. She could also be enslaved or re-enslaved at their will. Please remember too that according to book gor and in having a belief in these novels, the hypothesis of real world lifestyle are that switches (from top to bottom and vice versa) did not exist and still cannot exist. If it did then any acclaim would not be of a gorean status, but of dominant to submissive or top to bottom relationship often found in the Bdsm or D/s lifestyles. It would null and void the total master and total slave union. A woman was not a free woman sometimes and a slave another. Her belly might stir mixed emotions, but she could not be called Mistress one moment and sister the next. If she acted a slave at all then she would become enslaved and be *only a slave, until freed again, if ever. This is not book Gor, this is a reality Gor of real people excersising philosophies of freedom and slavery legal to our Justice System.

Please remember that Gorean ideals are not based on sexual gratification as being first and foremost but to the dynamics of *Consensual Slavery. I do not mean to imply that the Bdsm, non-Gorean M/s and D/s sub-cultures are beneath or above the gorean one, only that there is a place for each individual in our community, that which may fit well for one, may not fit well for another.I imagines gor to be this… There are 3 moons of Gor and to look at them as marbles in the palm of my hand. To the left is our earth, to the right is the fictional counter earth, and in the center is how it use to be, how it should be, and what is natural to be. A combination of fantasy and reality containing elements that would not allow us to be enslaved with malice, but allow us to serve men, Our Master’s– with fire burning through the very edges of our flesh and soul. The ability to discard the inhibitions that reside in the deepest recesses of our minds and instead love so deeply one another that passion becomes all of our today’s and tomorrows.

With this… Love, trust, devotion and surrender becomes absolute.

©2006 Twinkle W-V.
Unauthorized duplication and distribution is prohibited.
May be used by permission only.



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