A Simpli Splendiferous Adversaria

Gorean Whip Dance

Gorean Whip Dance

by ella GC


girl rises nervously, belly aching nervousness and fear, excitement. she moves with delicate sways of curvy hips to the sand. Belly fluttering madly with thoughts of the whip against her nearly naked flesh, if she’s not found pleasing before the eyes of the free.  ella’s chin rises as deep dark almond shaped eyes close for the briefest of moments.  Tiny moans slip from a girls mouth, red tongue darts out to wetten dry lips, as a lithe firey form begins to writhe helplessly before the men. From a distance, she hears the crack of the whip, she startles and flinches, her back arches immediately, lustrous deep midnight waves of mane rain to kiss caramel shoulders, mm, a small cry echoes about, bells around her left ankle jingle to the movement of dainty feet, harmonious chimes, her heart quickens,  racing wildly to the beat of the drums in the distance.


she listens to the sound of the music, she looks around, voices seemingly far away, she begins to lose herself in the melodies, eyes open, lush sooty raven lashes veil ebony gaze over the crowd, just images before her. Succulent rose lips part slightly, an elegant long arm reaches upwards to sweep wavy locks to a single shoulder, the opposite grazing upon the elegant curves of her body slowly and sensually. she is reminded of her submission to men, the discipline that lies at their hand, whim, and the whip. she tugs against the chain, she aches for him, his firm touch she dares not speak it. Raising her arms high above her head, turned in, the backs of hands kissing one another, she dances her lower body slowly to the sounds of the flutes, she knows he will have her if it pleases him to do so. The music stops!


Tannish thighs begin to tremble, knees shaking, she moves in the sand.


Lusiously round mounds bounce lightly as glistening skin glows a sparkling essence  ella swirls into the chain, as if becoming wrapped within it before the man, who’s eyes are upon her. she smiles, twirling back out of it. girl moans almost silently as dancers feet move forward and back, curvaceous hips sensual, in a sideward eight motion. Wrapped around her lower belly is a gifted portion of redsilk fabric, tied securely in a knot at the side. Bracelets clingling like light sounds of tambourines, golden shoulders raise to lift arms high above her head, wrists crossing, yet again, this nice beneath the wrists, an X, a slaves head bows between them in submission.


The drums and flutes begin more barbarically.


She gasps!  Dark onyx orbs lock into his for the quickest of seconds. Then turns her gaze to look about from the corners downcast, curling up, and back into the crowd, she hears faint sounds of whips, pulling the chain into flesh, sliding up and down the firm cleavage of her breasts. she becomes absorbed in the motions of her own body, her head moves gently, as shiny lustrous tresses tease her throat, she whimpers low from her vocal chords. Long fingers lift to caress the collar upon her neck, sliding lower to trail upon her slave belly, twining into the chain around her waist, before letting go.


Feeling his pull against her chain, muscles in her tummy clench, the thumping of her heart, wild, her being firey, and on the edge, she’s pulled even nearer.


She stops!


She breathes in deeply drops to her knees, rolls onto her back, her body squirming into the sand, as if dancing into it, black curls pool about her head, tossing to one side, then the other.  One knee lifts as her arms lay to the side, palms down, her back lifting slightly before it lays to rest. she feels his presence hovering over her, she closes her eyes, turns her head to the side. Intense emotions rush through her, spreading like the wildest of fires.


The drums cease.


she turns to face him, her eyes open slow, in adoration, and commitment looking deeply into his for the quickest of seconds, lets out her breath, the sound of her own thoughts beat loud in her mind. Passively and gracefully, as her hands begin to tremble, the chain lay cold against the tender inner flesh of her upper inner thighs, she turns them upwards, in complete surrender and submission.


The flutes fade.


 ©2005  Twinkle W.V.  All right reserved.G



  1. i loved reading your dance, it was simply stunning and awe inspiring

    Comment by ahava — August 25, 2009 @ 4:47 pm | Reply

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    Very usefull. Thanks! nehuy spamit s icq…

    Trackback by nehuy spamit s icq — November 26, 2009 @ 5:33 am | Reply

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